Whale Shark Tour, A day in the life of a researcher!
Whale Shark Tour, A day in the life of a researcher!

<h1>Unforgettable Whale Shark Experience</h1>

Whale Shark México, acutting-edge whale shark project dedicated to research, conservation, education and the sustainable management of these charismatic giants in Mexico.

Operating in Baja California Sur out of La Paz Bay our experienced and professional team provide our guests with a safe and secure environment to meet and interact with the worlds largest fish – the whale shark.

La Paz Bay provides home to a rich underwater world and a unique place where people can interact and photograph aggregations of juvenile whale sharks (less than 7m) on a seasonal basis.

Operating on a daily basis from August through to March, we provideexceptional chances for guests to interact with these magnificent sharks in their natural habitat and live a “day in the life of a researcher” onboard our research vessel. Monitoring trips run from 9am till 1pm throughout the entire season and provide youwith the basic understanding of whale shark research, demonstrating sustainable safe and enjoyable practices for the animal and swimmers. The participants will be given the chance to learn and join in with simple field based scientific monitoring techniques and through their participationsupport the species conservation for future generations.

Our guests receive unmatched service and comfort at sea while experiencing the best large marine mega fauna interaction in our region!

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