Lambada Prickly Pear
Lambada Prickly Pear

Summary Description :
Prickly Pear for the day – Thursdays
This little Cay is pure paradise, lying a short distance off the coast of Anguilla. Completely deserted … it is all about relaxation. There are three reefs for snorkeling, a nice long beach and shallow waters close in, and a walk around the island reveals great bird life. The day is spent languidly snorkeling, swimming or sunbathing. The call to leave comes all too soon.
Itinerary :
8.15am: Check in at Simpson Bay Resort with passports
9am: Lambada sail cat departs and sails to deserted Prickly Pear Cay off the coast of Anguilla.
Drinks and snacks are served while sailing
10.30am: Snorkel Gear is handed out and guests can spend the morning snorkeling and beaching.
Lunch is provided at Prickly Pear Restaurant with time for the beach and relaxing in the afternoon.
3pm: Board Lambada and enjoy the sail home with drinks and snacks served.

•Beverages on board the boat

To Bring
•Towel & Hats
•Passports and extra cash
•water cameras

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