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Edge Ferry to Saba
Edge Ferry to Saba

The Dutch island of Saba is an eco paradise and quite the getaway for avid divers, hikers and nature enthusiasts. Spectacular views, quaint shops with local crafts such as the handmade Saba lace, Saba Spice Liqueur, hand blown glass jewelry, and artwork make up an island that is known as the “Unspoiled Queen”.
Hikers can choose a guided hike or buddy up for the wondrous walk up Mt Scenery with a picnic lunch in the rainforest.
Scuba Diving in Saba is world renowned with deep wall and pinnacle diving Take a daytrip on Edge to this mystical mountain island.
Itinerary :
8.15am Check in at the marina, Simpson Bay Resort with passports and tickets
9am Depart for Saba, the crossing is approximately 90 minutes
10.30am Arrive in Fort Bay, the main port of Saba. Disembark and clear customs and immigration.
10.45am Taxis will take you to tour the island and drop you to hike if you don’t choose a pkg. Free time to explore until departure.
3.15pm Check in back at Edge with your boarding card
3.30pm Depart St Barts for the crossing home.
5.00pm Arrive back on the dock in St Maarten

• Beverages on board the boat
•Roundtrip ferry transportation
•Lunch and tour pkg includes a taxi your of the island, time for hiking, sightseeing and exploring the town, lunch at a restaurant.
•Hiking pkg includes a taxi to the Trail shop and beginning of the hiking trails, a packed lunch and time to hike and explore.

To Bring
• Walking shoes and hats
•A swimsuit for a dip at the restaurant pool

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