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Gansbaai is one of the only places in the world that great white sharks are seen throughout the year and chances of seeing these ancient giants whilst here are excellent. A two-hour drive from Cape Town takes you to Gansbaai, one of the top five dive regions in the world.

Join Great White Shark expert Michael Rutzen, world famous for free diving with Great White Sharks on one of the highest rated Conservation/Education Experiences in the world. Michael is internationally renowned for his conservation and research initiatives and is often invited to speak at various conferences and universities all over the world.

Seeing the greatest and one of the oldest animal species on the planet is truly a unique, awe-inspiring and a humbling experience. Most people arrive with fear and trepidation and leave with admiration and a newfound respect for these majestic animals.

Experience the thrill of being underwater and surrounded by Great White Sharks! Feel the exposure of free-diving while remaining completely safe inside the cage, or remain on the boat and see the Great White Shark in all its magnificence from the surface of the water.

Trips are weather dependent, last approximately 3-4 hours and your launch time will be confirmed well in advance of your trip. Meet the team for breakfast and your introductory briefing at the Shark Diving Unlimited Crew House, whilst a picnic lunch and soft drinks are packed on board Barracuda. Fresh towels and diving equipment are provided and there are hot showers available on return to shore.
You DO NOT need to be a qualified diver to enter the cage as we use a simple breath-hold technique whilst in the cage. Children as young as 12 years old are also allowed to get into the cage. A certificate stating that they have successfully completed a Great White Shark cage diving adventure will be presented to them on return to shore.
Shark Diving Unlimited is committed to showing you Great White Sharks in the most environmentally friendly way possible. We DO NOT offer any adrenaline rush trips and only use this opportunity to enable people to observe these magnificent animals for conservation-minded excursions.
Our videographer will make a movie of your trip that is available immediately after your return to the crew house. This movie will also be accompanied by one of our world class documentaries “Sharks – Man Eaters or Misunderstood?” that aired on the BBC, and was made in conjunction with Blue Planet Aquarium and the Editor of the Sport Diver Magazine.
Traditional homemade vegetable soup, freshly baked scones, muffins and bread are also served after the trip. There will be a screening of your daytrip movie and one of Michael’s five documentaries will also be shown.
Launch times will be confirmed well in advance of your trip and alternative arrangements will be made in the event of bad weather forecast. Despite our 99.99% success rate, Great White Sharks are wild animals and as such, sightings cannot be guaranteed. However in the unlikely event that we don’t find sharks we will offer you a free trip on an alternate day.