White Shark Breaching Trips
White Shark Breaching Trips

This is by far one of the most incredible and breath-taking experiences you can have. No other natural event even comes close to this. Seeing the raw power and unparalleled magnificence of the Great White Shark is an experience that will you will remember for the rest of your life.
When a one ton shark breaches with such tremendous speed and force that it clears the surface of the water by two metres you can’t help but feel small. Yet you only realize a few minutes later that you have just witnessed the most unique experiences the marine world has to offer.
It is a commonly held belief that Great White Sharks only breach around Seal Island in False Bay. This is entirely false and is simply a marketing strategy used by operators in the False Bay area.
We have in the past had over forty breaches in one morning in Gansbaai in the area around Dyer Island. Mike Rutzen was the first person to capture this amazing marine spectacle from both underwater as well as from the air. This amazing footage can be seen in the “Great White Shark – A Living Legend” documentary.
A seal-like decoy is dragged about thirty-forty metres behind the boat. The boat cruises at a reasonably slow speed whilst all on board anxiously await the moment of truth. With lightning speed a shark jumps out of the water and with unbelievable precision and accuracy it takes the decoy time and time again.
This event should not be missed and these breaching trips are run between May and August annually. Great White Shark breaching trips can be combined with your Shark Cage diving tour or run separately. A maximum of 8 people at a time can join Mike Rutzen and his team for a breaching trip, and these trips should be booked well in advance.
Let Shark Diving Unlimited take you on an adventure of a life time. Come on a Shark Breaching trip and see what we are taking about.