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Guadalupe Island White Shark Cage Tour
Guadalupe Island White Shark Cage Tour

Departing from Cruiseport Marina in Ensenada, Mexico, this is one of our most exhilarating adventures in Baja California. After 9 seasons of operating at Guadalupe Island our experienced and professional crew provide our guests with a safe and secure environment to meet the apex predator of the sea – the great white shark.

Located in the Pacific Ocean approximately 165 miles west of Ensenada, Mexico, Guadalupe Island is now considered the world’s best location for viewing, photography and video of great white sharks. The visibility is often more than 100’ and the water temperature averages between 65F-70F. This is cage diving at its most exciting and, because you will be using surface supplied air (hookah) instead of scuba tanks, this adventure is open to both divers and non-divers alike. These 5 day trips are shorter than our other diving excursions so they are perfect for a great mini-vacation.

With a total of 20 guests, we operate 2 four man cages using a proprietary swivel system which hooks to our swim platform making it very easy and safe to get in and out of our cages even in rough weather. Using two four man surface cages enables us to rotate 4 guests in and out of each cage every 45 – 60 minutes all day long giving everyone plenty of time with these incredible creatures.


The submersible cage allows us to descend a little further into the realm of the great white shark. Although the submersible cage lowers to only 30′ below the surface of the water, it provides a completely different perspective to your great white shark diving experience. A safety diver escorts two divers at a time on these 20 minute high energy rides. We rotate all certified divers who wish to experience the submersible cage as many times as ocean conditions will allow. The view offered by the submersible cage is a photographer’s dream come true. You are actually surrounded on all sides by these magnificent creatures in clear blue water. We have had an exceptional response from our guests regarding this experience. Both professional and amateur photographers rave about the different angles available to capture the mighty great white sharks of Guadalupe Island.
Our guests receive unmatched service and comfort while experiencing the best big animal diving on earth! There are no dormitory-style rooms available

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