Tour Around Antigua
Tour Around Antigua

This tour will visit some of the interesting villages around Antigua. Como: San Antonio Aguas Calientes, being well known for making their beautiful designs typical fabrics and colors of international fame. And his parish church, simple baroque style, built in the seventeenth century by the Franciscans, who were responsible for the evangelization of the place, under patronage of St. Anthony of Padua. Old Town is a town that keeps a great story, because it was where the second capital of the Kingdom of Guatemala was based in 1527, in the Valley of Almolonga, which is located on the slopes of Volcán de Agua after transfer Iximché. San Juan del Obispo at which they named in memory of its founder, Mr. Francisco Marroquín, first bishop of Guatemala. Among the attractions of this town have their temple which was opened in 1547, and the Palace of the Bishop Marroquín, so called because thanks to his initiative and using their own financial resources possible construction with a baroque style, two works that were damaged in different times. Villa Macada mia, you can find nuts, chocolates, cosmetics and oil based moisturizers nut. Learn about growing macadamia, its history and the process of the product. Terminates in a factory Jade and Silver. At the end of tour will be transfer directly to your hotel.

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