COBA tours

COBA tours

coba toursMayan ruins in the Yucatan peninsula Mexico City of Coba, are currently one of the Mayan ruins, located in one of the most isolated areas of Mexico. 20 ° 29′41″N 87 ° 44′10″W
It is located 1 hour from the city of Valladolid in Yucatán state, 30 minutes from Tulum city and 1.5 hours from Playa del Carmen.

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It is important to see what its location represented in the Mayan world.
The Mayans were traders by sea via Tulum as its big commercial port or overland bringing different products of their cities in what is now Central America South and who very probably have had trade with South America.coba ball games
The obligatory pass was Coba toward the center of the peninsula and North of what is now Mexico, even to this day survives a pyramid which has features different from the rest and that the people known as the pyramid of the “4 ways”, tell the stories that beautiful white roads of sac ba (means white road in maya) extended to what is today Chichen Itza. Crossing their paths in Coba.
The pyramid was a checkpoint of the step to the different cities that were the Maya empire.
But not only its location was important, Coba was a city that housed the school for aspiring to be players in the ball game that was a very important part in rituals and celebrations Maya.
Several spaces dedicated to the ball game, can currently be seen today probably we would say them training courts.
The ball game but today we see it as a game, to the Mayans represented the connection with their gods, was so important that a farmer could become a Chief with money and power if she became a good ball player, knowing this it seems that our society is not very different when we see today how much money is paid to players current games (soccer, baseball, American, etc.)
This was the importance of Coba, Maya’s future leaders training center.piramide la grande
Currently the ruins of Coba are an experience that must live slowly, rather than anything there does not signal to the phone, it is best that send messages when you are in the city closest to your visit.
The extension of the ruins is in a very large area, so you will need to define if you do walk, in a day is very difficult to traverse the entire area within the archeological zone rent bikes or some upgraded bikes for rent so that visitors are seated and some nice boys that also function as tourist guides help you cross the wide and beautiful paths to reach the different elements than these forms wonderful ruins.
The experience of ‘the great’ climb the tallest pyramid in Coba and hence see the Mayan jungle and observe that to where it reaches its green vegetation, it means there is a privileged person to be in one of the places where human beings have not yet arrived with ” our civilization”.
The ruins of coba are mysterious, the trails you feel that it won’t be so easy to discover all its secrets on a visit and that we will always leave an aura of mystery to cause that at the first opportunity, we return to continue to discover its mysteries.
coba ruinsPractical information:
Wear comfortable clothes and shoes
The humidity is very high
Not to forget the repellant and sunglasses
Hours are 9 to 5 pm, but it is not recommended to arrive very late
Don’t forget camera for photography and video.
If you want to know a little more about the history of the city you can find information about coba  here

When you have finished your journey you will find outside typical food, crafts area and as always the opportunity to meet people.

piramide " la iglesia"

people from coba

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