Chichen Itza tours

Chichen Itza tours

Some years ago I had the opportunity to meet chichen Itza when still had the ability to upload to the high of the pyramid of Kukulkan or better known as “the Castle”, magical and unrepeatable moment.

el castillo piramide

The abuse coming up many people was leaving footprints in the stairway, to today no longer possible to climb to the top, but I show you some pictures.templo de los gerrerospiramide el castillo

The “Castle” pyramid stands as a high mountain on a plain where there is no natural mountains, the view is phenomenal.

Considered one of the seven wonders of the modern world, does not need much presentation, either in the equinoccio (21 March) or on the Solstice (21 September) its amazing location and exact construction makes the shadow of its corners to discover the shape of a snake in the walls of the stars and look that get down from the top of the pyramid and symbolically from the sky.

vista de kukulkan

Kukulkan means Feathered Serpent, the representation of the Mayan God in the pyramid is an experience that leaves us more questions than knowledge, who was these extraordinary constructors, astronomers and mathematicians?, who managed to create a spectacular representation of their knowledge in a building that still look extraordinary today.

Chichen Itza for our fortune is much more than the majestic pyramid of “the Castle”, has the most spectacular ball game of the Mayan world , has the Observatory as its name implies was part of the buildings helped the Mayas to record the movements of the stars than as great astronomers still amazes us its accuracy.

templo de los guerreros

el observatorioChichen Itza has a network of more sophisticated use of rain water that exists in the world and even today there is not a metropolis that has been designed to take advantage of rainwater such as did Chichen Itza.


grabados mayasThe ruins is must waking slowly, leisurely enjoying the prints, the ways in the city, enjoy its spectacular sound, be quiet and discover that we can hear a conversation in a low voice to more than 300 metros away.

Of course the great musicians who have played concerts and event organizers know very well this special acoustic.

el cenoteYou have to visit the huge “cenote” which is a natural hole formation formed in the land of the area resulting in an impressive natural hole of waters blue and green tones.

Stop in front to the “cenote” and imagine the ceremonies that Mayas did in honor of their gods, feel, see, smell, never forget this experience.

The visit to the entire area can be done in a day, but my suggestion is at least two daystemplo de los guerreros

There are hotels very close to the ruins in the next town.

In addition the distance from Valladolid in edo. Yucatán to Chichen Itza is only a few minutes.

Now if your Hotel is in Cancun or Merida transfer can be a couple of hours to arrive at the access of the ruins.


Practical information:

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes

The humidity is very high

The temperature is very hot

Not to forget the repellant and sunglasses.

Hours are 9 to 5 pm, but it is not recommended to arrive very late

Don’t forget camera for photography and video.

If you want to know a little more about the history of the city you can find information

artesanias mayas

When you finish your journey find out typical food archaeological zone, handicraft and as always the opportunity to meet people from the area.



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